RAPID-AMP: AMP for Facilitators

Who Should Take this Training?

Practitioners who facilitate meetings involving youth and families.

What Are the Goals of the Training?

RAPID-AMP is a shorter, introductory AMP model that provides tools and skills for practitioners to amplify youth and young adult voices in a variety of treatment and/or planning meetings. It is intended for staff who do not work as intensively one-on-one with young people and may be used in conjunction with other AMP trainings to other staff within an agency.

How Long Is the Training?

6 weeks

What Does the Training Entail?

RAPID-AMP does not involve certification. Requirements to complete the training:

  • Attend three video conferences that occur every other week
  • Upload a video using the RAPID-AMP module with a young adult client
  • Participate in an individualized feedback session with a RAPID-AMP trainer based on submitted video

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