WR-AMP: Wraparound-Reinforced AMP

Who Should Take this Training?

Wraparound Care Coordinators, Wraparound peers, and other Wraparound practitioners who are working directly with youth and young adults in Wraparound programs.

What Are the Goals of the Training?

WR-AMP is a skills enhancement intervention. It is intended to supplement the goals of Wraparound so that providers will engage and support youth and young adults more effectively in the Wraparound process. WR-AMP builds upon the Original AMP model by teaching specific skills that can be applied to each phase of the Wraparound process and which promote young people's engagement in services and supports, their acquisition of self-determination skills, and their participation in community activities.

How Long Is the Training?

4 months for certification.

What Does the Training Entail?

In order to be certified, trainees must:

  • Attend Pre-AMP orientation session
  • Attend 8 video conferences that occur every other week
  • Upload 4 video recordings of themselves using the WR-AMP modules with young adult clients
  • Participate in individualized feedback sessions with WR-AMP trainers based on submitted videos

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