Super-AMP: Achieve My Plan (AMP) for Supervisors

Who Should Take this Training?

Supervisors of practitioners participating in one of the AMP models (Original AMP, WR-AMP, PLUS.)

What Are the Goals of the Training?

Evidence shows that often supervisors are not fully aware of the specific model intervention components that their staff are expected to perform and may struggle to provide the skill developmental support needed. SUPER-AMP was developed to offer specific training and structured coaching to supervisors on how to provide feedback on the AMP model.

How Long Is the Training?

4 months for certification.

What Does the Training Entail?

In order to be certified, trainees must:

  • Attend Pre-AMP Orientation session
  • Attend SUPER-AMP Orientation webinar before staff begins AMP training, and SUPER-AMP conclusion webinar after staff concludes training
  • Shadow 8-10 AMP video conferences delivered to staff, occurring every other week
  • AMP Trainers code each video submitted by staff members and review their coding with supervisors
  • Supervisors code 10-15 minute segments of staff member videos as assigned by AMP trainers, and receive coaching from trainers on their ability to recognize staff’s strengths and improvables
  • Supervisors observe the individualized coaching sessions that AMP trainers provide to their staff members
  • Supervisor provides feedback to staff during the final coaching session utilizing the AMP coaching framework

AMP Syllabus

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